Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I slept reasonably well last night, but was horrified when the alarm went off and felt quite groggy - I had some wine and a Nytol before bed to guarantee sleeping, and it worked! But it was hard getting out of bed and I had to come back in 3 times after leaving the room through forgetting one thing after another. As a result I had lots of coffee - more than usual by far - and felt like my head was floating somewhere near the ceiling most of the day. I was fairly busy at work, which was lucky as I didn't have time to embarrass myself snoozing at my desk!
When I got back to the hotel I was torn between going to Tesco for some finger food or going to the hotel pub for something. In the end the pub won because it's been such a horribly cold day here that cold meat seemed really unappealing. As I was trying to make up my mind there was a knock on the door - a maintenance man come to change a bulb in the room. It should have taken 2 minutes but when he went to take out the old bulb there was a loud bang, a spark, total darkness & a smell of burning... So it took closer to 45 minutes and involved a new light fitting being fetched and installed, by which time it was late enough to go straight to the pub for tea. I picked a very spicy dish but as do often is the case it really wasn't spicy (I hoped it would blow my head off a bit!) Ah well, still it was tasty.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with red pepper, leek &  mushroom
Lunch: homemade soup from Well Fed 2 - Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup. Very tasty! And some Greek yogurt
Dinner: chicken wings & coleslaw
Snacks: cashews and a few pork scratchings

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