Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I started craving a very specific food today...

Wait for it...


So I picked up a few bits from the DIY salad bar to go with the cold meat I'd bought for tea. By the time I realized what I wanted I'd already eaten my lunch  and the salad bar had already been picked over, so there wasn't a lot but I did what I could. I most wanted bell peppers and luckily there were some still there, so I grabbed what I could.

If only that had been all I craved...

I have to confess that to stay gluten & sugar free today I had to do something pretty embarrassing this evening... The hotel put some biscuits in with the tea & coffee paraphernalia. Not just any biscuits, but stem ginger cookies... Fairly high on my list of yummy flavours, damn it! They've been there all along since I checked into the hotel on Monday and for the first 2 days I easily ignored them. Tonight I really really really wanted them... I'd love to say that self discipline, self control and motivation was all it took to resist them, but that would be a massive great big fat lie. I had to flush them down the loo while my self control lasted, then get undressed do I wouldn't go downstairs to the bar / brasserie for a snack or cocktail. Damn it, how can the motivation die so quickly? Literally only a couple of days... Days in which I've been less than comfortable wearing clothes that used to fit much better. Well, a little better anyway, lets not over-dramatize the situation, it's not like I gained 20 lbs over Christmas after all...

Ah well, one more day almost behind me...

Food today
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms & courgette
Lunch: chicken wrapped ham
Dinner: cold meat & salad
Snack: Greek yoghurt with black forest fruits, cashews. The yoghurt is still really tart, even with the berries. I know that's probably a good thing for a low carber but you have to actually be willing to eat the stuff....


  1. 'Self discipline, self control and motivation' are ALL qualities which you possess. You showed that much by getting rid of the temptation. Personally I think it takes just as much willpower to remove the food from your sight and stay away from it than it does to resist it in the first place when it's right in front of your face.

    I think you did really well, so there!


  2. I totally agree with what Jessica said - YOU DID all of those things! Be proud, not embarrassed! I call that excellent self-care. Go you!

  3. yay for you!

    would love for you to join me here, if you're interested!

  4. Good for you. We ALL get cravings and you took firm and purposeful action. Don't be embarassed, there's really no need. I think you're amazing.
    J x

  5. Echo the 'amazing' comments above - you did GOOD, Chrissie!

    Know what you mean about the salad cravings too - I have a choice of 'snack boxes' today. One is cheese and olives, the other one (which I'm happily crunching though) is a box of chopped up cauliflower stalk.

    Ooooh,I know my hubby loves me when he leaves the stalk for me ;-)