Saturday, 11 January 2014

cough sneeze splutter

I haven't calculated the carbs in Lemsip & don't plan to....
Whiskey doesn't cure a cold  it helps you not to care
Feed a cold (excellent advice, Diane  thank you!) Is more fun when you feed it 85% dark chocolate... with cherry chilli filling. Courtesy of Aldi.
This morning Dad took me to Sleaford for a short stroll around.It has some nice old buildings, it's an old market town, but it doesn't seem to be a place with a lot of money and looks a little tired and neglected. I liked it though, and it had all the mod cons. My dad keeps showing me places he hopes will tempt me to move up here. If I didn't have to work... And mum & my brother didn't live down in Wiltshire... I would do in a heartbeat.
Afterwards we went to Woodhall Spa, which was still lovely. Something we didn't know last time they took me there is that there's a little cake shop there that made the wedding cake for Prince Charles & Camilla. They have a replica in the window and a selection of other cakes on display and I have to say they were dazzling. I've no idea if they taste good, though they probably do, but they are works of art. This is their website... I enjoyed the morning even though the bright sunlight made my eyes water and my nose was streaming the whole time.
After lunch we went for a walk on the fens around the village - about 4 miles in total at a nice ambling pace that wasn't too taxing given that I can't breathe through my nose at the moment. I didn't get many decent photos but the one decent one I can't figure out how to add on my phone, I may edit this later to add it.
It was a gorgeous day and as we walked I felt better; thenee got back to the house, my eyes & nose started streaming again to the degree that I could barely see (or breathe), and I plunged head first into the lemsip & then whisky. I know I sound like a man with man flu going on like this about a cold, and really appreciate your sympathetic comments despite my wussiness, but I avoided catching cold last year and I think this one is out for revenge...

Food today:
Breakfast - sausage & scrambled egg
Lunch - cold meat & cheese
Dinner - pork chops, coleslaw and a mixture of potato & sweet potato chips - proper deep fried ones
Snacks - pork scratchings & chocolate

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