Tuesday, 3 December 2013

So far off the wagon I can't even see it heading over the horizon...

Slept poorly last night due to noisy neighbors. I woke up multiple times and was horrified when my alarm went off forcing me to get up this morning.

I'm thoroughly bored by my job now and really wish it was January already. Sadly unless the job market picks up I might not have any choice about accepting an extension if one is offered, but for now that's all I'm committed to so I'm clinging to that. But I'm a little depressed at the moment and not happy about the prospect of extending OR the prospect of being unemployed - and it's two months before either of them become an issue. So why am I letting it get me down now??? Especially given that I might find a more local job in January or win the lottery or something???

All I know is that my work clothes feel tight and I binged on chocolate today. Just realized after admitting to that - I believe it may be TTOM, which would make sense of it all... Especially the heavy duty carb cravings...
It's also been a very grey day today after such beautiful (cold) weather over the weekend so maybe that is also contributing to my generally feeling low and cranky.

Food today:
Breakfast: Scotch egg & Greek yoghurt
Lunch: baked potato with tuna mayo & a little side salad
Dinner: chicken & cheese
Snacks: chocolate brazil nuts & snickers bar

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