Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday again

Apologies for disappearing for several days there... Thursday I was really busy at work, then drove home so I could work from home on Saturday, so no time to write or post a post. On Friday I was still busy, spent most of the day on the phone, and had nothing interesting to report on (even more so than usual) - just moving from desk to sofa & back again :-)
Over the weekend itself I stayed Gf apart from the odd beer, stayed grain free, and was largely low carb apart from a few dates on Sunday. I didn't do much, just a couple of not very long walks, lots of laundry and a bit of cooking.
Today my journey in to work went very smoothly, not really fun, but no hold ups or problems. I was a little less busy at work, which was nice because I'm always tired on Mondays but less nice because it was less interesting and I was back to working on my own after enjoying working with someone else last week.
After work I didn't go to the gym. I intended to do a mini workout in my room, but I had such an early start that I lost interest in the idea. I then considered going to the hotel bar for a drink & meal due to being a bit down in the mouth, but while I was waiting for a reasonable time to go down I realised that didn't really appeal to me, so I stayed in my room & watched TV instead, while eating an unexciting but low carb dinner to compensate for a slight splurge earlier.

Food today:
Breakfast: 2 rashers bacon, 2 poached eggs - from the canteen
Lunch: homemade soup - vegetables in really thick homemade chicken stock
Dinner: beef & chicken roll ups
Snacks: Greek yoghurt with dried fruit; nuts; packet of crisps

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