Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Low carb gf crunchless...

I'm going ultra low carb for a few days to ease the bloating I've been experiencing since skipping Gf & low carb over the weekend (which obviously spilled over into Monday & Tuesday). Its kind of similar to the induction phase of the Dukan diet except I'm deliberately going higher fat than that as I don't think low carb & low fat together is a good idea for me, which allows me to include dairy that isn't part of Dukan's plan.
I do feel less bloated already. I know damn well I gained real weight over these past couple of weeks as I've been comforting myself excessively with food - both excessive quantities and making poor choices, particularly the ones involving gluten. Even so, carbs do cause water retention and that clears fairly quickly once the carb intake drops.
Surprisingly enough despite going totally overboard with sweet stuff yesterday (and at the weekend) I haven't been missing sweetness today at all. But I have been missing varied textures - I always feel that all meats once cooked are of a similar texture, maybe more or less chewy, finer grain or coarser - and none of it is crunchy or crisp. Neither is cheese of course, though the silky softness of Greek yoghurt offers a little variety. But I want crunch, damn it!!! I did include spring onions with my dinner for a different texture (luckily there's no-one here I want to kiss) and it helped - a bit... Ah well, its only for a little while...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with cheese
Lunch: ham, chicken & cheese 'sandwiches' minus the bread
Dinner: smoked salmon, spring onions, goat cheese & prawns
Snacks: Greek yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, chicken breast

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  1. Hi Chrissie
    One of my 'want crunchy NOW' hits is celery sticks cut into short sections then filled with Boursin garlic cheese - gets me the fats and the crunch (and makes me feel relatively virtuous).
    I sometimes use the ribs from the leaves of cauliflower the same way... just not in public as, for some reason, people think it's totally gross! (eh, there's nowt as strange as folk)
    Tried it with carrot batons too, but the cheese slides off!
    If more crunch is needed then a few chopped nuts added to the cheese helps too.