Thursday, 5 December 2013

It was a wild & windy winter's day

Hope nobody had serious weather problems today? We had very strong winds (not Scottish strong, but strong enough) early morning - they woke me up - then again mid morning and early afternoon. I was quite entertained watching a pigeon (aka dirty sky rat with wings) struggling to land in a pretty strong gust - then a few minutes later,when it got even stronger, fighting against being blown away with the rest of the rubbish... We had some brief rain showers as well, but the cloud was swept away virtually as soon as it started, so we got off very lightly, although flosed due to fallen trees.
As I slowly chugged through rush hour traffic this evening the garage fixing my car called. I didn't take the call at the time but when I called back I learned that my car is ready for collection - so tomorrow I'll be taking a detour to Lincoln to pick it up. Yay! The courtesy car was absolutely useful and necessary but I won't be sorry to get rid of the tin box on wheels, however cute it is.
I continued with the very low carb thing today, though less so then yesterday as I ate nuts & seeds. Looking in the mirror (not something I enjoy but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do) I can see my abs beginning to get more defined as I've clearly dropped some retained water. For some reason I generally have the beginnings of abs even when I'm heavy & puffy (not at my heaviest but ever since I
lost the majority of the weight) but they do become less distinct with puffiness when I'm bad. I always like to see them return!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with goat's cheese
Lunch: ham, & cheese 'sandwiches' minus the bread
Dinner: ham & goat cheese
Snacks: Greek yoghurt; mixed seeds; cashew nuts

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  1. Love the description of that pigeon (I can't abide the blighters either). We had a couple of trees down but nothing other than that here.
    Great that you nearly have your car back. Have a good w/end.