Monday, 11 November 2013

The start of another week… working away

The drive in was better today because I left half an hour earlier and left the motorway at a different junction so I only had ordinary work traffic to deal with rather than monster roadworks work traffic. I still got in just before 8am - slightly under the 3hr mark - when I'd hoped for closer to 7:30. By the time I entered the building I was so desperate for the loo I felt I might explode!

It rained all day so I didn't do anything or go anywhere at lunchtime today. After work I drove to my new hotel, checked in, then donned my waxed waterproof jacket to explore a bit, as I should have done last week near the other hotel but was too depressed to bother. This hotel slightly weirdly, is in a retail park, and there’s a Tesco Express & Lidl not too far off, so I'm reasonably well set up here.

I brought a couple of prepped (bought) salads and some cold meat with me for dinner today & tomorrow and put them in the work fridge on arrival, then took one set to the hotel today while leaving the other in the fridge for tomorrow, making me feel more in control this week straight away. Even though I ended up eating in the hotel restaurant instead... I thought it was worth scouting out, particularly as Monday’s, with their early start – I was up at 4:25 this morning and it still wasn’t early enough – and their need for hours of concentrated driving first thing (on only one coffee in an attempt to avoid the dreaded toilet break) are never going to be days when I eat strictly to plan and work out. Realistically, it just isn’t. Though I have plans for tomorrow…

The hotel has a bar and a separate grill/restaurant. I had a pint of beer in the bar first, then wandered through to the restaurant. The food was nothing special – decidedly average hotel restaurant fare – but quite good value  and I think doing that rather than holing up in my hotel room straight away helped contribute to a much more positive mood this evening than I experienced last week or during the weekend. Maybe things are looking up! The drive back to this hotel took 20 minutes (actually that’s from my desk, and not from starting the car) rather than the tortuous 45 minutes to cover a very similar distance all last week. And a much less stressful 20 minutes it was too, without the bumper to bumper lurching travel I enjoyed so much then. Now its time to watch TV and collapse into an early night!

Food today:
Breakfast: Waitrose gf egg mayonnaise roll
Lunch: Waitrose gf chicken salad roll & an Eat Natural bar
Dinner: sweet corn & pancetta soup followed by roast chicken & green beans from the hotel restaurant
Snack: nuts, roast turkey & an apple

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  1. Have a good week it seems as though you have got the journey cracked though I dont envy you having to stay in a hotel - I hate them.