Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The road to hell…

Well, for once I made plans to do something healthy & active and stuck to them - I walked to work today (and back again, obviously) It was a walk of 3.7 miles each way, and as well as giving me a very healthy daily total it also killed 2 hrs that I otherwise would probably have spent sitting in my hotel room reading or watching tv while solemnly swearing to go to the gym tomorrow...
I doubt if I'll do it very regularly while staying at this hotel - it does take a lot longer than driving (3 times longer than rush hour driving, probably 5 times longer than it would in the morning) and its less efficient than 40 minutes in the gym will be once I work up to it, plus of course it is weather dependant and at this time of the year that's likely to be an issue. Plus of course I'm not going to do it with my suitcase or on top of the long drive on Monday or Friday. Still, I feel better today than at any time last week, so if its dry in the morning (I don't care as much in the evening) I may as well do it as often as possible.
However,that will mean changing some things, which I didn't do today... I was starving all day, and I think its because I didn't eat till I arrived at work, and then didn't eat enough. I caved at about 3 pm.... I'd struggled most of the day not to eat anything except what I brought with me, and was totally preoccupied with food the whole time until I gave in. Damn, its hard to get this stuff right without access to a fridge, cooker, or even microwave.... Anyway, the holding back until 3pm put me in a binge mood and I overindulged in dried fruit, strawberries & cream (feel slightly sick now). I will try again, but if the binge monster resurfaces I will have to reconsider

Food today:
Breakfast: Tesco cooked chicken breast, small amount of salad & some fresh raspberries
Lunch: salt beef roll ups containing mixed salad leaves, with cherry tomatoes & red pepper
Dinner: Tesco cooked chicken breast with salad
Snack: cashew nuts and an apple. And a packet of crisps Surprised smile


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  1. Sounds like it's a work in progress (which I know can be frustrating), but you are making great strides in sorting out both the eating and exercise whilst everything is changed and new. Good on you, Chrissie.