Thursday, 21 November 2013

Operation Back to Gluten free day 4

Still going (relatively) well - gluten free, real foods, less salads in dressings made of cheap crappy oil & artificial sweeteners etc. I'm still not entirely grain free obviously but keeping it to white rice which is at least not allergenic as far as I can tell - certainly not for me. I have still been eating packaged meats, which of course are cooked with lots of salt and some added sugar. Yesterday I finally bought some cheap microwave safe crockery - hence the ability to cook breakfast, though I know a purist wouldn't use a microwave, but there are some things I just can't afford to worry about.
I slept much better last night and woke up feeling better as a result. That might not be cause and effect but I think eating more - and some of it hot! - helped yesterday.
Today I didn't train after work because my knee had been bothering me all day - just an uncomfortable twinge, but I felt it every time I bent my leg. So bloody annoying, but I will rest it now to be able to train properly next week. Instead, faced with going food shopping again - I do find having to shop more or less daily because I can't store anything that needs refrigeration annoying - I went to the pub in my hotel for a hot meal (it was freezing when I left work and I couldn't fancy cold meat & salad as I'd planned.) The canteen at work has been partially closed since I joined and I was hoping once it reopened fully - which happened today - I might find enough to eat my main meal in there daily. I should have known better, the extension seems focused on increasing the number and type of grain based foods available for breakfast & lunch. At breakfast they did add poached eggs and tinned tomatoes to their previous offerings of bacon, sausage (not gf), and hash browns (not gf) in bread rolls(you guessed it), but they also added baked beans (probably gf but not low carb / Paleo),  black pudding (not gf) veggie sausages (not gf) toast & bagels (not gf) and porridge (not gf). And lunch follows a similar theme... I enjoyed my dinner anyway, nothing special again but actually very tasty. Now its time for the daily bath…

Food today:
Breakfast: Eggs scrambled in the microwave with a diced tomato
Lunch: Microwaved sweet potato with a portion of tuna mayonnaise from the canteen
Dinner: Flat iron steak with a fried egg & salad. It normally comes with fries rather than salad, and when I decided to order it I told myself I'm allowed potatoes at the moment, but my mouth wasn't listening and asked to sub the salad before I could stop it! As a result my dinner was absolutely Primal / Paleo except, I suspect, for the oils used to cook the meat & egg.
Snacks: nuts & Greek yoghurt

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  1. The Paleo might not have had oils but you can bet they saved every drop of grease they could as the calorie value would have been very important to them. In the victorian kitchens grease was saved to use as hand cream and was one of the perks for the cook.