Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Operation Back to Gluten free day 3

Got into work at 6:15 this morning,switched my PC on, blue screen of death.... The service desk doesn't open until 8am, so this was not the most productive of early mornings (and the early mornings are generally the best time of day for me)
I was feeling a little bit rocky this morning to be honest anyway. I slept a but better but woke up with a niggling headache, I think dehydration as I don't think I drank enough fluids last night to make up for training. I won't make that mistake again!!! Anyway, that being so, I was quite glad that today was an IT away day - permies only - so the office was quieter than usual. Although there was a slight 'holiday' atmosphere due to the absence of most managers. Around 10 I stopped waiting to feel better through eating breakfast / drinking lots of ginger tea & sparkling water, and bought some pain killers - which didn't noticeably improve the situation. As I was feeling rough I decided to eat a 'proper' lunch in the work canteen... Nothing special, but a hot meal is always comforting. After eating lunch I finally started feeling better, but decided not to train tonight since I'm just getting back into it - I'll train again tomorrow. I settled for relaxing with a little shopping followed by a hot bath (this is now my established technique for avoiding any temptation to go to the bar for a drink / extra food, it not only kills time but also makes me unlikely to bother getting dressed just to go misbehave afterwards

Food today:
Breakfast: Boots salmon, cucumber & potato salad followed by Greek yoghurt
Lunch: beef madras with rice
Dinner: chicken & tomato 'sandwich' - the chicken breast was the bed, the filling was the tomato
Snacks: nuts & Greek yoghurt

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