Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Operation Back to Gluten free day 2

I went to the gym today! God, it felt good to work up a sweat!
I plan to look into exercise classes there as the hotel gym offers a reasonable range including a few I've considered trying for a while such as Body Pump, Body Combat, and Spin, but today I just wanted to get on a machine and cardio my ass off, so that's what I did, using my old favourite - an elliptical machine. The gym in my hotel is open to non-residents to join and includes a proper swimming pool (I currently feel too fat to go swimming in public) so its quite well stocked and much larger than the average hotel gym, it was a pleasant surprise and I kind of wish I'd tried it last week. I followed the session with an indulgent bath again - ever since we moved from Wales I've been settling for showers due to low water pressure so it feels good to take a bath again!
I stayed gluten free again today as well. I was tempted by some sausages at breakfast time but was pretty confident the company wouldn't buy gf as standard so I didn't risk it. I'm feeling much less bloated already but, annoyingly, I'm still constipated and I have a (massive, painful, hideous) cold sore on my lip so clearly I'm not 100% yet.
I'm also still quite tired today after waking up early again. I tried to relax over my wine in a soothing bath last night and did fall asleep fairly easily, but it just didn't last long enough. My hotel is still quite noisy even though I'm in a different part of the building from last week, which doesn't really help any. At one point as I was in the bath I could hear the TV next door almost as clearly as if it had been on in my room...

Food today:
Breakfast: smoked salmon and cashews
Lunch: chicken & bacon salad followed by Greek yoghurt
Dinner: mackerel & salad
Snacks: more cashews...

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