Monday, 18 November 2013

Operation Back to Gluten Free Day 1

I'm so tired....
I woke up at 3 am today. I wasn't getting up until 4:30, but once I'm awake, I'm awake... I got up on schedule and headed out as soon as I was dressed, and I'm happy to say I had my best drive in so far by far - as I had my best drive home so far on Friday - 2 hrs. 35 minutes each!
I spent some time at the weekend thinking about where I'm at with the food etc., which can be summarized as rubbish and not very happy about it, and trying to work out a way forward. As part of that I weighed myself. As I already knew, I have indeed gained weight - all the weight I lost doing the whole30 to be precise; however I thought I would have gained back more than that, so it almost - almost - seems like good news!
I now have a sort of plan to start working my way back to food sanity. (Starting today)
Step 1, and most important - ditch the gluten. Including beer, even though I don't react to beer. But I will, in the short term, allow limited amounts of gf grains such as rice and gf oats, as well as starches in the form of potatoes and sweet potatoes, if it makes life working away easier, which it most definitely will. And I’ll try to make sure the potatoes and sweet potatoes aren’t all deep fried…
Step 2, almost as important - ditch the sugar & sweeteners. No gf sweet treats, no chocolate, no dried fruit. I will eat fresh fruit but if I want a snack it shouldn't have any refined sugar.
Step 3 depends on logistics quite heavily - that would be getting Primal 80% of the time, and may not be possible during the week right now
Step 4 probably won't happen until I'm finished working away, but nothing wrong with planning ahead - another whole30, which may extend into a whole45 or 60 depending how long it takes to feel like I've restored my sanity. And which won't include the unlimited nuts I allowed myself last time.
I won't be leaping head first into trying to achieve all of these at once, since I do have certain logistical problems to work around, and much as I love setting myself unachievable goals then bashing myself for not achieving them, I actually want to get somewhere with this one.
Of course that is all about food, which is not the whole picture... I need to get active as well. Given my long weekly journey I know I won't train or walk any useful distance on Monday or Friday (some weeks I may work from home on Friday in which case that applies to Thursday instead) but I'd like to do something on each of the other days. Also, I won't be walking to work as M has asked me not to (he thinks its dangerous as I was walking in the dark) and I don't want him worrying about me on top of all the other long distance relationship demons which in my case include regular Sunday night meltdowns at the thought of going away again. Whether I go for a walk in the early evening or hit the gym will depend on the weather, how much time I have at my disposal, and, when away, how busy the gym generally is in the early evening as it doesn't open early enough to let me train before work. This part of the plan will have to be flexible (and include recovery time at the beginning as I'm really unfit now)

Food today:
Breakfast: sausage & onion 'sandwiches' - 2 gf grilled sausages, cold, with caramelized onion, wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves
Lunch: hard boiled eggs (home made) & salad followed by Greek yoghurt, no fruit or seeds.
Dinner: chicken breast, prawns and wine. No veggies - without the wine I would have been all Dukan phase I about it!!!
Snacks: cashew nuts & a bag of crisps (gluten free, grain free, not sweet... Definitely not primal / Paleo or whole30 but I never promised perfection, especially on Mondays)

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  1. Chrissie congratulations you sound so much more positive. No beating yourself up over small errors. Now all you need to do is maintain the positive thinking. You are strong fit and a lovely person so head up and carry on regardless.......