Yesterday was my first day working away. I have to admit the prospect had me fairly upset in the morning before I set off - not just the obvious stuff like missing M and not knowing quite what to expect, but also because I was just so tired from the house move. We worked quite hard on unpacking Friday & Saturday and the house is now liveable with nothing left to do this weekend,which is nice - but I don't feel like I had a week off between jobs at all.
The drive to work yesterday took 3 hours thanks to roadworks this end. It should take 2.5 hrs without those problems, and most of it went smoothly enough (even the M25!!!!!) but after I left the motorway everything went to crap. Luckily I'd left myself 3.5 hours to get here as I didn't know what to expect so it didn't make me late for my first day.
The first day in the office was monumentally boring but I expected that - I was reading documents for most of the day,and that's never interesting,but its more boring when you don't really understand what you're reading and its impossible to take anything in like that. All the people I met seemed lovely and the office has all the mod cons, so if it were only 150 miles south I think I'd be very happy with this contract, though its way too early to say for sure.
After work it took me another 45 minutes to reach my hotel - 5 miles from the office. That was a combination of me going the wrong way, roads being shut for construction work, and volume of traffic. By the time I got there I was so knackered I just changed my clothes, ordered a fattening and non-gf burger from room service, and drank a bottle of wine before collapsing. On the plus side I slept better than I've managed for weeks!
This morning I left the hotel at 6:30 and was in the office before 7 - a much better journey! I didn't have quite so much trouble getting back either. One thing I will say for driving through a city in the rush hour is that you have lots of time to react to any mistakes as you crawl along at 2 mph, much easier than trying to get back on track at 40-70 mph!
Food today:
Breakfast: pack of deli roast pork and Greek yoghurt with fruit & seeds
Lunch: chicken salad
Dinner: smoked salmon & salad
Snack: nuts & flapjack (I know, I know!!!)