Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Doing better... more or less

I took a taxi in to work this morning, it arrived outside the hotel early and so did I, so I was in the office by about 6:05 am!
I have fewer aches and pains today although if I sit still for too long my upper back / shoulders stiffen up and that's uncomfortable until I get up and move around. Its really nothing though, all things considered. I managed to walk back to the hotel again without problems from my knees, but felt really tired by the time I got back (unsurprisingly I haven't slept well the last couple of nights)
The garage that will be fixing my car have told me they expect to finish with it by the 9th of December. The work shouldn't take that long but they're having to order parts of course. I'm hoping to get a courtesy car, but mine is an automatic and I haven't driven a manual since May 2011 so I want an automatic; unfortunately they only have one so it depends if they finish another job on time. It's due back tomorrow at the moment and I'm going back to my Dad's for the weekend (all or part of it depending whether or not I get the courtesy car on Friday.) I feel like I haven't been home for years rather than a week & a half... I'm feeling a bit lonely tonight to be honest, which is why I had dinner in the hotel restaurant before my hot bath...

Food today:
Breakfast: Microscrambled eggs - overcooked & dry sadly
Lunch: Beef chilli from the canteen
Dinner: Roast chicken with green beans followed by a peanut chocolate parfait (how did that happen???)
Snacks: Greek yoghurt with fruit & seeds, and cashews

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  1. I scramble eggs in the microwave in the caravan and you have to watch them like a hawk if they are not to turn into rubber. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better and the odd little treat is creeping in. Treats are good for moral thats why they were invented.