A mere 4 days after starting work (2 days later than originally planned) I got a work PC yesterday. It wasn't set up by the time I left, but I came in with high hopes this morning only to find I can't log into anything at all. Ah well, its not like they're paying to work in IT or anything... The annoying this is that for the past 2 days I've been using my own laptop to at least check my email but today I didn't bring it in because I knew the work one would be here...Ah well, by mid-morning it was mostly working apart from a few inhouse systems (the ones I'm supposed to be testing of course!!!)

Last night I still didn't train (the gym in this week's hotel is tiny & busy) but managed to be good as far as the diet went, giving me 2 consecutive days of no booze or (refined) sweet stuff. Though I did study the room service desserts menu with a little too much interest. Still, I'm already feeling less bloated and flabby thankfully.

At lunchtime I walked a (very) little - just over a mile. I've had backache most of the day (I'll call it backache though its actually slightly lower...) and hoped getting out would help, but it continued hurting so I stopped. The fresh air did help though, it was a beautiful sunny lunchbreak with wildlife sightings... As I walked along I was thisclose to a very fat, rather cocky rabbit eating the lawn!

After work I had another go, but covered even less distance, about a half mile, but it was worth it as I came back with a tummy (very Paleo) takeaway dinner!

Thanks for your kind and supportive comment Deniz. I must admit though, there have been times I definitely did think stuff it - like on Saturday, when I ordered pizza for dinner... but it was only a temporary 'stuff it', I always intended to get back on the wagon again!
Food today:
Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with fruit & seeds
Lunch: chicken Caesar crouton-less salad
Dinner: mixed chicken, lamb, pork kebab with salad - no naan / pitta.
Snack: nuts, Greek yogurt & an apple