Wednesday, 13 November 2013


No walk to work today - all the fruit last night left me with a dodgy tummy and I didn't think it was a good idea to spend over an hour walking with no bathroom access. :-(
It was really cold this morning, my car was thoroughly iced up and I spent 10 minutes on defrosting it before I could even start out. The drive in on empty roads took slightly less time than defrosting the car- only 9 minutes compared to the 65 minutes to walk it. That may mean I walk even less often than I predicted... It's hard to convince myself that its worth walking with such a discrepancy, and the use of a gym & pool at the end of the drive...

And then.

The binge monster did strike today.

Big time.

Chocolate, I hate you

Gluten, I never want to see you again

WTF is wrong with me? Today my suit felt tight. So I ate chocolate. And many other evil things.

After work today I did intend to train but the binge left me feeling bloated and icky so I didn't.

I am not happy with myself.

Thankfully tomorrow is another day..

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  1. I think you need to train yourself like a puppy ignore the bad and lavishly praise the good. So yesterday was a write off but as you say today is a new day and a fresh start. With all the upheaval it is no surprise that you have headed for some comfort and why not!!!! you are only human after all......