Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Back to work

First off thank you so much for your lovely comments after yesterdays post - it really gave me a much needed boost! And I'm taking your advice to take it easy - absolutely no training (I have no real choice there since I have backache, shoulder ache, a sore elbow and a twingey knee) and lots of hot baths, and no dieting until I'm feeling better.
My Dad drove me to work this morning, a 100 mile round trip for him, and showed me the route I should have used yesterday, which was much better (mind you we left after rush hour, when it was light, as opposed to around 6am in the pitch black, so it was bound to look better) - wider, straighter roads with more warnings where there were bends, fewer ditches and more villages to provide light & landmarks. We got here around 10 and he took me to my hotel first so I won't have to manhandle my suitcase this evening. Which is good given the backache. Everyone in the office was really nice and sympathetic. At the beginning I was feeling over-emotional, I think because once dad left I felt kind of alone in what is still a strange city to me, and got a little bit tearful in the face of people being kind,but I managed to settle myself down after a bit by focusing on work.
And then it just got everyday boring, which was kind of a relief :-)
I know I'm not fit to train but I'm not that smart either so I walked the 3.7 miles from office to hotel this evening. Possibly more than I should have done given that earlier in the day my left leg was bothering me, but in the event it was fine. However I had some more back pain as a result of carrying my rucksack - with a laptop in it - all the way back.
When I got to the hotel I went to the bar for some comfort food, then did a little shopping before taking a hot bath with Epsom salts as some people believe it helps with healing or at least alleviating muscle pain. Unfortunately the plug in the bath didn't fit brilliantly so the bath slowly drained away, which made it less relaxing than I'd hoped.

Food today:
Breakfast: Omelet with diced tomato, yellow pepper & mushroom
Lunch:  Chicken fajita from the canteen
Dinner: Fish & chips from the hotel bar (and a beer) followed by a mini pannacotta from Tesco
Snacks: pork rinds & a dark chocolate (70%) Green & Blacks mini bar


  1. Good to hear that you're feeling a little better, if understandably sore!

    I genuinely think you've handled this so well (far better than you give yourself credit for!), and you weren't being over-emotional. Even without the long line of successive stressful events you've had to deal with, as I said before, anyone would've been shaken up.


  2. So glad you weren't hurt worse!