Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Whole30 day 30

Yesterday I went ape and ate approximately 5lbs of nuts. Ok, slight - slight exaggeration. I was hungry all day and fought as long as I could, but lost my grip late evening. Then later realized it was TTOM. Ah well. Annoying to have a full on bingefest at the very end of the plan, but at least I managed to figure out why, and steer clear of the forbidden food list again. Next time I do a whole30 I think I'll be cutting out nuts and nut butters (though I will allow pine nuts in the form of Paleo pesto, as I can't taste them and it isn't quite good enough to eat by the tub). This one has been a learning curve and I intend to plan better for the next time rather than just deciding one day that I'm starting tomorrow as I did this time. I'm thinking that the next one might start Jan 2nd as long as I'm not on holiday or about to move house. I'll be working on seriously curtailing the snacking, cutting out the trigger foods that are still allowed, and using the dressings and sauces that make the plan more enjoyable from the beginning rather than waiting until I'm already feeling bored and emotionally dissatisfied too.
I walked 2.2 miles at lunchtime although it was still grey and miserable. It's that time of year when you'll never go out if waiting for nicer weather sadly. After work I trained again and then did some very tedious house work before dinner. Keeping busy to avoid temptation...

Food today:
Breakfast: breakfast bubble & squeak / hash - cold roast beef and leftover steamed veggies reheated by sauteeing in coconut oil
Lunch: chicken veg soup & cold roast beef followed by strawberries
Dinner: Asian beef & broccoli - another recipe from It Starts with Food. Served on a bed of baby spinach.

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