Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cooking - Experimenting

I've been reading yet more books regarding ancestral / traditional foods and their benefits since finishing the whole30. First it was The Perfect Health Diet - I like them, they'll let me eat white rice & potatoes and drink beer for silicon supplementation - and now Nourishing Traditions, which allows you to eat most things except modern refined foods so long as you're willing to prepare them traditionally. This book reminded me of one of my favourite foods that I haven't had for ages - yoghurt cheese made by straining the whey out of plain yoghurt until its so thick and firm you could eat it with a knife & fork if you wanted to. There is a batch setting up nicely in my fridge as I write... In the past when I made this I used to throw the whey away (or at most add it to smoothies) but the book also describes using homemade whey (not processed whey powders) to make lacto-fermented foods and drinks, so I'm considering making some 'pickled' veg with some of it, and adding some to my next batch of mayo to extend its fridge life. Watch this space...
At lunchtime today I walked my usual 2 mile walk, to a massive Boots superstore. Since reading The Perfect Health Diet I've been trying to find some Vitamin K supplements - all the books on low carb dieting, if they support supplementation at all, agree everyone should be taking it. So why is it impossible to find anywhere except on the internet at massive cost??? Ah well, the web to the rescue again...

I intended to train after work but got swept up into the never-ending house sale screw up and didn’t have time. So the sale is making me cranky, stressed and fat…

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with vegetables
Lunch: salvaged slightly curried soup - actually turned out pretty nice!
Dinner: Korean style beef short ribs cooked on the hob per one of the comments, and made with blackberries and apple (I followed your example, Diane, and found the ribs at a semi-local butcher after striking out at every supermarket I tried) with salad
Snack: cashews

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