Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Whole30 day 9

Today hasn't been marvelous. I ate well, stuck to the plan,but I felt off all day - a low grade, barely niggling headache, feeling a touch light headed, fuzzy headed, slightly depressed. I don't know if there's any physical reason for it. I drank a mug of beef bouillon to see if additional sodium might help but it didn't seem to make any difference; nor did eating some nuts and a fig for carbs and fats. I woke up early so I might just be tired but on the other hand I slept reasonably well till around 4am so far from my worst night. It meant that I didn't walk properly at lunchtime, just a very brief excursion to the post office & corner shop (it was too chilly to be fun, I need to start dressing for the change in weather)
But when I got home my mood improved... My coconut aminos arrived and I can get my stir fry on!!!
I walked another mile then called it quits
Food today:
Breakfast: pork mince sauteed with apple, garlic powder, seasoning, cinnamon & nutmeg
Lunch: roast beef salad
Dinner: roast spatchcocked chicken salad with a dressing from It Starts With Food - homemade mayo, blended with lime juice, mild pickled jalapenos, avocado & garlic. Subtle, creamy deliciousness!
Snack: tinned tuna salad made with my homemade mayonnaise; hazelnuts & cashews

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  1. Oooh boy, that dressing sounds GOOD! Right on the money from where I'm sitting.

    Hope today is a better day. Maybe just the (sudden!) change in season getting you down? It is me...