Monday, 9 September 2013

Whole30 day 6, 7 & 8

For once I am aching and happy about it!
On Saturday I finally went to another National Trust property, Hughendon in Buckinghamshire, once the home of Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. It may have become my new new favorite NT property, though not so much while I was there. I arrived about 10 minutes before a free guided tour of the house was starting, so I jumped at the chance to look around as part of a small group before they opened the doors to everybody. It was a really interesting tour, and included an exhibition about the house's service in World War II as well as the Victorian furnishings and artefacts.
After the tour I went to the restaurant, hoping for a salad with ham or chicken. There was NOTHING I could eat. Not one thing. Flour, red wine or potatoes in every single savoury option, and all 3 are forbidden during whole30.
Instead of eating I decided to walk the woodland, following a signposted route that followed the estate boundaries. This annoyed me more than the restaurant as it was a lot harder to follow than they are usually. It's partly my fault for not picking up a leaflet on the estate walks, instead relying on a fairly high level plan in the general estate leaflet, but in other properties that's been enough. Not this one - the woods are criss crossed with other public walks, so you can't settle for just spotting the beaten path if you lose the route markers, and there aren't enough markers to clarify the route, so I went quite out of my way at one point, retraced my steps, found the route again, and then total FUBAR hit. I saw a marker pointing down what looked like an alley beside a garden. I followed that, and came out at the side of a road in a village that literally was not shown on the high level plan. I tried a possible route, but lost my nerve, and again ended up retracing my path and giving up. But before I left the estate I went back to the reception and found a better plan showing that my guesswork had me on the right path if only I'd stuck to it, so I will go back to do it again properly, and it took me to a small convenience store where I bought some cold meat for lunch as well, so there were pluses. The main good thing about the walk, and the main reason I want to go back despite the screw up, is that unlike most walks in this area it was a very hilly route, which has left me with DOMS from the waist down (still no back pain though - yay!) and as a result the feeling that I've actually done something good for my body!
Yesterday I walked into Henley thinking it would help to use those muscles again on a more level route, and walked about 6.5 miles in total. As my err... gluteal muscles informed me quite stridently, it wasn't a completely level walk, and I felt every dip in the road, but it was still good to do! Especially as its now pissing down and hasn't stopped for more than a few minutes all day, so I may not get another decent walk for a few days.
I did stick to whole30 recommended foods all weekend, though again in excess of recommended quantities in some cases. I had to eat more because of all the exercise of course, and yesterday I didn't eat enough, clearly, as I woke up at midnight, cold and starving. A snack & duvet later I was back in bed & asleep but sadly not long enough to feel anything but shattered today. All day long, I was close to nodding off this afternoon and had to go outside in the drizzle for a small breath of fresh-ish air!
Sue, hi, thanks for your comment on my last post. If you made it through the blathering above, I'm not ignoring or forgetting your question about the whole30! I did buy the book in kindle form. There's a lot of info on the website and I don't doubt its possible to do the diet without the book, but a) I have a degree in biological sciences and enjoy reading the sciencey bits in full, and b) I think the whole plan, and its reasoning, is better grasped by reading a well-written, coherent and structured book THEN referring to the website for snippets, extra info, bits that didn't make it into the book etc. For me the weakness - and strength - of using a blog / website to do a plan from the start is that its so easy to spot another interesting post or recipe and go off on a tangent that you might miss some detail of the structured plan along the way. I'm terrible for that - very undisciplined - so the book works better for me in the beginning. I also bought Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint even though there's such a wealth of info on his website for the same reason. I guess its down to what works best for you! (By the way, totally agree about waiting till after your holiday to start, I think trying to learn the plan while surrounded by all that temptation and distraction would be asking way too much of yourself ;-))
Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with added veggies
Lunch: soup made with homemade stock
Dinner: homemade beef burger - just mince, garlic powder, seasoning and Italian herbs - I've been craving a burger for days but don't trust bought ones. With roast butternut squash slices to replace the roll, and salad
Snack: tinned salmon salad made with my first ever attempt at homemade mayonnaise; some slices of roast beef from a joint I roasted yesterday.

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