Thursday, 5 September 2013

Whole30 day 4

When I'm not actually cooking / eating there is something as hard that's just as hard to give up as dairy / tamari... The scale! I am not supposed to weigh myself during this month and its hard to remember that fact when I'm a habitual daily weigher who generally weighs in while at least 50% asleep in the morning... I haven't weighed yet, but that may be one thing I occasionally slip on!
I'm wondering if the very sudden improvement in my back pain is down to the whole30 plan. One of the claims made by all this type of diet is that modern additions to the diet are often inflammatory in the human body because it can't use them effectively or even recognize them AS food in extreme cases. With the exception of the digestive difficulties I suffer when eating gluten I didn't think this applied to me - but the improvement in back pain since doing this (and walking lightly) has been between 80% on day 2 and 100% on day 4. It might be coincidence but I'm more open minded about that now! I had a lovely (if hot) 2.4 mile walk around the village at lunchtime and felt more comfortable than I have for weeks!
Jess, I've had a look in the book for information about vegan / vegetarian versions of the whole30 plan, and I have to say it doesn't sound very feasible to me. The first suggestion they make is to shelve the veganism for 30 days and eat animal protein, which they say will produce immediate improvement in your health. Well, we both know you don't feel that's an option for you as we've discussed it before regarding the book 'The Meat Fix'. They go on to say that if you can't do that or feel the need to add more protein, you can ignore the prohibition against dairy (except vegans obviously) and legumes - as long as you soak and/or sprout them first - but they place soy at the top of the list for vegans, and I believe you have problems with soy if you're not very very careful, don't you? I'm sure its not impossible to do a vegan version but I'm not sure how high the compliance rate would be! If you want to check for yourself there is a vegan 'shopping list' available on their website, - you might find enough 'acceptable foods' on there to make it worth a try!
Food today:
Breakfast: a recipe from It Starts with Food. The authors recommend sauteeing mince with onion, garlic powder, salt & pepper then dividing it into portions that can be quickly reheated with a second saute, adding additional herbs / spices & veggies to make a variety of meals. I used ground free range pork and added diced apple, cinnamon & nutmeg - not the most fantastic breakfast I ever had but quite tasty and a very nice change from the interminable eggs... And surprisingly filling too.
Lunch: courgette noodles topped with the second portion of yesterday's sauce
Dinner: grilled free range pork chop with salad including avocado for the healthy fats.
Snack: some prawns with baba ganoush

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  1. Thanks so much for the advice - I thought it might be difficult, if not impossible, to follow Whole30 as a least without modifications. I'll do some more reading and research (thanks for the link!) to see whether I can adjust to make it viable. I definitely can't eat soy more than about once a month without problems, so that rules out one major source of protein. I can't believe they say 'just give up being vegan' for 30 days! But I suppose they're assuming that people are vegan for health rather than ethical reasons.

    I'm so glad to hear your back pain has improved though - I know how exhausting it can be and how much it can really grind/drag you down, so it's fantastic to hear that you're feeling a bit better :)