Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Whole30 Day 3

Still whole30-ing and getting more used to the loss of my former snacking habits - I'm less starving every day!
Also pleasing is an improvement in my back pain since I started taking gentle ambling walks without the heavy rucksack. I still had some discomfort every day but it was starting later each day, lasting less time (without painkillers or tens machine use) and less intense while it does last. Today? No pain! I only walked about a mile yesterday, and just over 2 at lunchtime today. Its been a lovely day today and I got lots of vitamin D as well! However by the time I got home it was too hot for another walk to feel appealing - 30 degrees!!! It is hard for me to use the car for short trips just because I want some fairly heavy shopping - especially bearing in mind that I like walking and want to do it - but I definitely need to work on that, or I'm going to end up constantly cycling from bad back to nearly better to bad back again... I've felt so much better generally, not just my back, since I started these tiny little strolls up again, the last thing I want is to set myself back again. Yet again.
Food today:
Breakfast: 3 Scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, yellow pepper & boiled bacon
Lunch: courgette noodles topped with a raw sauce from a lovely book called Paleo Lunches & Breakfasts on the Go - tinned and sundried tomatoes blended with herbs and mixed with mashed tinned sardines. A tad smelly for the office but in my current state of disillusionment with work I don't care (and in fact the only comment I received was that it smelled nice!) There were 2 portions of sauce so I'll have it again tomorrow! With 2 dates
Dinner: 5 spice tuna fried cauliflower rice
Snack: small bag of roasted & salted pistachio nuts (30 g including shells) and an apple with some prawns

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  1. Glad Whole 30 seems to be working out for you :) You beat yourself up so much, but from my perception you succeed at sticking to whichever plan you're on (and you choose tough diets as well - no half measures!) 90% of the time. I wish I had that kind of discipline!

    May I pick your brains about something? I've been trying to work out in my mind whether it's remotely possible to do a vegan Whole 30. I know, the two probably sound mutually exclusive, but I could incorporate 'grey area' foods if necessary. I'm just sick of my ongoing stomach problems and not being able to shift any more weight, but I obviously don't want to contemplate anything that isn't vegan. Thanks :)