Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Whole30 Day 2

Well, I did ok at avoiding all the foods on the 'don't touch' list in whole30 yesterday, but not as well on the healthy replacements for my usual snacks - I waa hungry for large parts of the morning (probably down to insufficient protein & fat in my baba ganoush & veg snack) and a lot of the afternoon until I ate my not very good dinner about 90 minutes earlier than planned. The mussels I ate yesterday were not a planned snack but an extra that I bought because they were a better option than anything else I could think of. I did hard boil some eggs and defrost some prawns last night so I should be in better shape today. Still need to work on this a bit more though, I hadn't realized previously how much I was relying on cheese and pork rinds as snacks, and while I haven't seen a specific mention of banning pork rinds in the book of the plan - It starts with Food - that could be more down to me blocking it out than its not being there, I find it an unlikely inclusion in a plan defined as eating nothing that doesn't improve your health. Cheese of course IS explicitly banned. Whimper.
So. Hard boiled eggs, prawns, leftover chicken, fish, and other animal proteins with veg are the recommended snacks for the diet - basically smaller versions of the foods eaten in main meals. Sounds like a reasonable amount of choice, but to be honest it sounds pretty dull to me, and of course involves cooking at least part of each snack so its less 'grab and go'. I've spent years (on calorie counting diets) training myself to pretty much cook what I should eat in a meal so I get the portion control; its going to take a while to override that habit and cook enough for 'today's dinner AND tomorrow's snack' I suspect. Especially if the meals in question taste like ass as the stir fry last night did - ask me to eat that again today and I'll stab you with a fork ;-)
I wanted to walk today but instead had to spend my lunchbreak in my car in the office carpark on the phone trying to finally sort out the unsuccessful delivery of last week. I had also been ins really annoying and frustrating - not to say maddening - meeting this morning where I felt increasingly like a sacrificial scapegoat on one of my current projects at work. I was so pissed off!!!!!!! But didn't go off the rails in any way, neither emptying the vending machine nor slaughtering my way through the office. I feel I've grown as a person....
BTW yesterday after work I didn't walk or train because I was setting up my new laptop. Its a thing of beauty!!! Even though it came with Windows 8 on it...
Food today:
Breakfast: 3 Scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, red pepper & some leftover carrot just to use it up (for the record, carrot omelet is just weird)
Lunch: gazpacho soup (bought - and delicious) and some prawns on the side
Dinner: 100% beef burger gammon with salad (the burger turned out to be only 95% beef and contained breadcrumbs... damnit! And I was so in the mood for a burger...)
Snack: vegetable crudites with baba ganoush, prawns

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