Friday, 20 September 2013

Whole30 day 19

Hello Diane! Thanks for your very timely comment about how much of a feast my whole30 diet would seem to a real Paleolithic (cave)man! The other day I bought M some peanut butter (he'd agreed to do without while I was on this plan because its such a powerful craving to me, but I was feeling guilty about depriving him - and complacent about my diet) and its been calling me ever since... I was sooo tempted last night!!! Now that you've reminded me how much choice I still have really I'm feeling significantly less sorry for myself! Around lunchtime today I found myself weirdly craving fat... As most socially acceptable easily portable sources - such as cheese, cream, pork rinds - are off the menu at the moment I bought a jar of cashew nut butter and ate a few teaspoons straight from the jar. Just what I needed, and then I left the jar in my drawer at work so I couldn't go ape with it over the weekend (I'd be too embarrassed to do so in the office!!!) At the time it seemed just what I needed but it was definitely OTT as I felt bloated and uncomfortable afterwards (or was that the punnet of raspberries overloading me with fibre? Could have been....)
At lunchtime today I got in a 2.2 mile walk in very pleasant sunshine and after work I walked another 4 miles around a local nature reserve. The main nature I saw was bird life - a few ducks, a hissing unfriendly swan, and some noisy coots. It was 18 degrees, sunny and wonderful. As always I find myself asking the standard question after depression related slothfulness - why haven't I done this for so long? Okay, part of the answer is rain related and part of it housework based, but the rest was just apathy and a reluctance to look after myself, and I (now) think that's sad...

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go out for the day - into London - if the weather permits. I'm trying to decide whether to take some food with me - so I know I have something suitable - or buy something in a supermarket so I don't have to burden myself with a stash and worry about whether its cool enough... I think I will buy it when I get there, eating slightly less stellar food that's properly chilled etc. is probably the better option!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, leek, spinach & red pepper, with an apple Lunch: chicken vegetable soup, raspberries for dessert
Dinner: Bolognese sauce on courgette noodles
Snack: cashew nuts, roast beef

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  1. Thanks for taking my comments without getting upset I was very concerned that you would take it as criticism and from what I have read you are a past master at beating yourself up so I didn't want to add to your woes. I hope the bolognese explanation on today's blog will give a better idea where I am coming from. Have a good day in London