Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Whole30 day 17

Well, today I'm still feeling more positive so I guess I'm adapting to the change in the weather (helped by continuing vitamin D supplementation I suspect)
My ongoing effort to improve my home environment is still ongoing but also still progressing nicely and that also helps. And as these things improve I'm no longer yearning for some of the things I've given up for the whole30 (still miss Greek yoghurt & cheese, don't get me wrong). Physically I'm feeling good and I can see that I am losing weight - its not falling off me but my stomach looks flatter and my face shows it too - so that's motivational.
At lunchtime I managed to get my 2 mile shopping walk in finally - it was supposed to be nice today but really just managed to be dry through the walk to Sainsbury’s (with a very chilly wind) and then drizzly all the way back. And because of the cold wind I'd chosen a fleece over a waterproof jacket.... Not the best decision I ever made! Still, it felt good not to have to rely on scrubbing floors for all my exercise!
I noticed something very weird in the office yesterday. There was a big meeting going on and as always they'd (over) catered lunch for it, so the leftovers wound up in the kitchen. I've always loved the smell of fresh bread, but as I walked towards the kitchen for a thrilling cup of peppermint tea I picked up an overwhelming bready smell that I actually found quite nauseating simply because it was so strong and so all-pervasive. The group of people standing there digging in clearly didn't feel it smelled bad and when I mentioned it to one person there he was really surprised and had no clue what I meant. Maybe he just has a poor sense of smell, (shared by all the other carb junkies in the office) but the impression I had was that as my body's gotten used to not eating bread its become more sensitive to it - negatively - and was almost warning me about something unpalatable. Probably just my imagination, but I've never reacted like that before, even in the bakery dept. of a supermarket with the fans blasting that newly baked smell straight at the customers...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, leek & red pepper
Lunch: sort of Thai beef soup - some left over gravy from dinner yesterday thinned down with beef stock & coconut aminos, to which I added cooked ground beef & onion, green beans and red pepper
Dinner: chicken and vegetable stir fry on courgette noodles
Snack: roast chicken breast, cashews

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