Friday, 13 September 2013

Whole30 day 12

Still stressed. If someone tried to give me a shoulder massage right now they might well sprain or break a finger...
Huge calamity!!!! The kitchen on my floor of the office was closed off all morning for repairs... And I was too busy to keep going upstairs for a drink, and my snacks were in the fridge in the closed kitchen, so all morning I had a quarter of the usual drinks (I've been meaning to cut down on the volume of liquid I'm drinking lately but not when under stress) and no snack!!!
Of course because I was so busy that wasn't the massive hardship it would have been on a quiet boring morning, but the doughnuts that were laid out on one of the desks were badly timed. However, I am still successfully whole30'ing so clearly I steered clear. It was easy! (because I'm not that fussed about doughnuts, thank god there were no cookies...)
However, I have to say that at lunchtime I dashed to the nearest shop for replacement snacks and ate my snack at lunchtime as well as my lunch... So the 'must make up lost eating time' side of my nature is still going strong :-(
Also the house sale calamity continues so I'm still spending good training time on the phone / email, and today my back's aching again, I strongly suspect due to the stress of it all.
Food today:
Breakfast: the soup I had for lunch yesterday
Lunch: and more soup... Followed by a punnet of raspberries
Dinner: Salmon with veg some gammon while stressed

Snack: pack of cooked king prawns

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