Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Whole30 day 10

One third of the way!!!
Mostly feeling pretty good today physically, but still a bit down. I think you were right Deniz, I'm out of practice at dealing with this rubbishy grey weather and as always handling it in a grown up and mature fashion :-)
However often I check the rules, I'm still not allowed to cheer myself up with a small glass of whisky :-(
A sunny walk would have helped but wasn't on offer. It was dreary & overcast all day, though that didn't stop me walking 2 miles at lunch, but it started raining more or less as I walked out of the office and hasn't stopped yet...

Food today:
Breakfast: slow cooker breakfast bake - whole eggs, egg whites, bacon, mushrooms & assorted veggies cooked on keep warm setting overnight in the slow cooker, plus an apple
Lunch: more breakfast bake (I couldn't be bothered to pack lunch last night so it was easier just to eat more of this) with tomatoes
Dinner: chicken & vegetable stir fry on courgette noodles
Snack: tinned tuna salad made with my homemade mayonnaise;  cashews

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