Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Not feeling particularly inspired today. I needed more caffeine than usual to get through the morning (the cutting back went by the wayside again) and I've been hungry all day. I steered clear of high carb snacks but did manage to overeat at lunchtime - my excess food was a packet of cooked beef and a small pot of Greek yoghurt (Fage 0%) so definitely could have been worse.
I did go out at lunchtime, my walk was slightly marred by a decidedly chilly breeze, and more by a weird twingey discomfort at the side of my left knee - its been doing it since yesterday afternoon, and although it did ease off as I walked I didn't push it, managing just 1.25 miles. For the same reason I didn't risk getting on the climber after work. Frustration all round as I wanted to get back into weekdays on the climber, but it is almost all legwork. (as well as twingeing when I walk, its also tender to the touch, feeling almost bruised though there's no sign of a bruise and I don't remember bashing it)
Instead of walking or training I spent the time doing laundry and cooking almond parmesan pancakes for the freezer. While wearing a sexy elastic support bandage on my knee.

Food today:
Breakfast: 2 large eggs scrambled with a little butter and served on an almond parmesan pancake. The eggs were given to me by a colleague who keeps hens, and they were fantastic!
Lunch: beef salad and Greek yoghurt
Dinner: pork fried cauliflower rice
Snacks: beef jerky, mixed nuts, baked gammon (should have been lunch but was eaten as a snack at 11am)

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