Thursday, 1 August 2013

Slight back peddling

I said yesterday that I was giving up dairy... Well that's still true, but as I'm philosophically opposed to throwing food away I'm going to use up what I have first, and not replace it. I know about the whole 'using your body as a dustbin' argument against eating the wrong thing / too much of a thing and I agree with it generally but I have cream, butter and various kinds of cheese sitting in my fridge and I'm trying to cut down on food waste and spending, so I'm afraid they are going to be eaten anyway. I'll also give them to M (who is not planning to give up dairy) so that I don't eat them all myself, but that much waste I can't do. Apart from that I'm looking to model my diet on the Paleo diet described by Dr Cordain, with more lean meats rather than fatty ones and more fruit & veg than I've been eating since going low carb, just to see how I get on.
As far as any exercise is concerned, once again the weather interfered this lunchtime. I headed out in the direction of the nearest farm shop, but about half way there decided to abort that in favour of stopping off at the local Co-op. Quality probably lower, price maybe lower, but convenience (and air conditioning) won hands down! In total I walked about 1.1 miles at a ridiculously slow pace it was still nice to leave the office for a while though.
No training after work due to back ache

Food today:
Breakfast: half a small cantaloupe melon filled with raspberries, blackberries and walnuts
Lunch: tuna salad (tinned tuna, a drizzle of olive oil, cucumber) with a bag of mixed salad
Dinner: Trimmed pork loin chop with salad
Snacks: ham & cashews

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