Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Meetings suck

Frustrating morning today with a long, tedious and ultimately pointless (from my point of view, as I neither contributed nor learned anything - it was probably useful to some of the people attending it). It was supposed to be my second meeting of the day but I managed to avoid the first by pleading emergency testing. As well as being a waste of time the second meeting ran until 12:35, which is later than I usually take my lunch walk, and in the past I've often decided not to bother with the walk due to hunger or apathy of the 'if I can't do it 100% the exact way I want to, I won't bother at all' school of thought. Today I needed a few groceries and decided to force myself to walk the mile to the farm shop for them rather than going to the much nearer mini supermarket I typically use when pushed for time. I think it was a very good call as I walked the morning's frustration away and felt much more positive when I got back - even though I had to go into the mini market as well because I couldn't bring myself to pay £6.50 for 2 tiny chicken breasts at the farm shop. (I was glad of that as I also bought a small bag of raw cashews while I was there and they came in handy very soon.)
At the farm shop on addition to the planned shopping I also bought some reduced, slightly soft tomatoes, some baby beetroots and some limes, all half price because they were a little less fresh. Now I just have to decide what to do with them, and I have some thoughts on that already. The tomatoes are very ripe and should make a tasty pasta sauce (of course I won't eat it on pasta) and I'll roast the beetroot whole. The limes will probably be cut into wedges and frozen to cool and flavour water for drinks.
After work it was back on the climber, and I tried to move up to the next program too! Sadly I was overly optimistic and couldn't keep up for 40 mins as planned, so now I'm planning to do the tough program for 10 mins tomorrow, then switch it down a notch for the last half hour and build from there.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs micro-scrambled with leftover grilled Halloumi, asparagus, aubergine, courgette & peppers (very very small amounts of each) plus a grilled Portobello mushroom
Lunch: should have been homemade beef & veg soup but it was horrible and I only found out after taking my walk, so: 3 dates and a bag of cashew nuts.
Dinner: stir fry of chicken breast and vegetables
Snacks: roast beef with sugar snap peas, small portion of Greek yoghurt

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