Friday, 2 August 2013

Evidence that I control the universe

At lunchtime today it was cooler, and I really wanted a walk, so off I headed, minus coats and umbrellas. Half way to the supermarket a few spots of rain began to fall.... So I swore at the clouds, the rain and the universe as a whole, and frightened them so much the sun came out! If I could control this new super power I could market myself to holidaymakers, farmers, gardeners and parents of small children during school holidays...
Anyhow, I did walk, that's the main thing, just over 2 miles (including shopping) and felt more or less human again. I'm still having back pain, and still so damn sick of it, but managed not to make it worse by overloading my rucksack, so that made a nice change.

After work I trained! Maybe walking begets exercise, because its the first time all week I’ve managed to push myself into getting he devil machine. It went really well too – I picked a program and completed it, stickling to it really well. Felt good!

Food today:
Breakfast: chicken leg, apple, walnuts
Lunch: chicken leg and salad
Dinner: pan seared NY Strip steak from Aldi, flavoured with (sadly instant) espresso, seasoning and chilli powder (recipe in Primal Quick & Easy meals) with sauteed spinach & grilled asparagus
Snacks: cashews, small piece of cheese, prawns

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  1. I wish I had your superpowers when it comes to the weather! Good to know you're fully recovered from your awful migraine as well - there must have been something in the air because I had one on Sunday. Maybe it's the weather, which seems terribly oppressive to me.

    I definitely think that once you get moving you feel motivated to keep moving - generally I feel really down and lethargic every single morning but if I can just get myself to start something, then generally I feel SO much better and chirpy enough to carry on ;)