Monday, 5 August 2013

Eventful weekend

Saturday I went to my favourite national trust property so far (apart from Stourhead). It's called The Vyne, in Hampshire, and combines a stunning house, with formal gardens, vegetable gardens maintained by a charity named Thrive, that helps people with disabilities, and amazing woodland. I toured the house first, then looked around the gardens before doing a woodland walk. It was only just over 2 miles, but the woods were lovely and at one point I startled a small family of deer in the undergrowth which bounded off across the path ahead of me - an absolutely wonderful surprise!



The only slight downside of the day was that I failed to hydrate properly and was exhausted by the time I got home.
Yesterday we probably bought a house! Its a new build and we bought it completely off plan - I don't think they've even broken the ground for the foundations yet, so it isn't due to be ready until April, which means that when our house sale completes we'll be moving into a rental property for at least 6 months while they build it. The house is in a town we haven't lived in before, so we hope to find a rental property there to allow us to be sure its a place we can live before we're 100% committed.
With all that going on I admit I wasn't very well behaved yesterday. I didn't eat anything I actually shouldn't, but I did drink a beer and some whiskey, and I did nibble for most of the day. It definitely could have been worse though!

Food today:
Breakfast: egg drop soup made with homemade chicken stock, various left over veggies, a splash of Tamari and 2 large free range eggs, beaten and then cooked in the stock as I stirred it. Followed by some strawberries.
Lunch: roast gammon and salad
Dinner: spatchcocked chicken with broccoli and asparagus
Snacks: cashews and chunks of coconut.

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