Monday, 12 August 2013

Another weekend bites the dust.... And another week begins

Sunday waa not as good as Saturday regarding food, but a lot more active. First thing I walked into town loaded down with recycling and a donation to a charity shop. Then I went to Cliveden in Buckinghamshire - the mansion is a hotel, but the national trust run the gardens and woodlands, which contain miles and miles of walks through the woods and along the Thames. It was beautiful, the weather started off cool & cloudy then cleared and got warmer, and all in all I covered about 5.5 miles there, including climbing over 200 steps, so quite an energetic visit. I will be going back there, possibly in the autumn if there's a dry spell, and I'd actually like to stay at the hotel some time.
After getting home I walked another mile with very laden rucksack (so heavy I felt as though my spinal column was compressing as I walked) before getting into a bit of a marathon food prepping session - so a productive afternoon. I now have portions of homemade oven chips in the oven for M, plus individual snacking portions of cantaloupe melon,and I prepped cauliflower rice & bags of broccoli florets and carrots too. So long as they don't go bad too quickly to use I may try to do that every weekend. I was also making soup in my big slow cooker and a steak and kidney stew in my small slow cooker for last night's dinner.

Food today:
Breakfast: soup made with pork from a pigs hock & trotter bought in Reading on Saturday for stock and soup purposes. It was so full of gelatin it was literally solid when I took it out of the fridge!
Lunch: more soup
Dinner: chicken stirfry with cauliflower rice
Snacks: pork rinds, cashews, peanut butter

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