Tuesday, 6 August 2013

After work yesterday I trained.

After training yesterday, today I ache just a bit. Quite a bit actually, but not enough to incapacitate me from being active today. So at lunchtime a shopping trip incorporating a 2 mile walk with my rucksack (empty on the way, fairly loaded on the return trip). It was a bit cooler today - driving into work this morning I actually saw 11.5 degrees on the dashboard computer! - and therefore a lot more pleasant. We had torrential rain yesterday (perfectly timed to be at its heaviest while I was driving home) and that seems to have temporarily reduced the humidity as well.
After work I was back on the climber again, sweating my ass off (if only that was a literal statement...) I lasted 47 minutes because that's how long the show I was watching lasted. Feeling good now though I expect to be complaining about aches and pains tomorrow

Food today:
Breakfast: chicken soup made with homemade chicken stock, various veggies and the meat from a roasted chicken leg with half a teaspoon or so of yellow Thai curry
Lunch: roast gammon and salad
Dinner: Bolognese sauce over steamed strips of yellow courgette & sweetheart cabbage
Snacks: pork rinds & cashews. And a small piece of cheese after training & while cooking dinner

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