Monday, 29 July 2013

Weekend washout - strong stomach required (hint: mine isn't)

I had plans for this weekend - Saturday I was getting my hair cut, then going to another National Trust estate, Sunday I was going to visit a housing development we're considering buying on followed by a long walk and possibly some shopping. Because I have been a little disappointed at the scope to really get walking at some of the Trust properties I've visited later I decided to get my main walking in separately, walking to the hairdresser (4 miles round trip) and into town a couple of times (1 mile each time). So, I did do that,and in total walked about 6 miles, some of it loaded up with a heavy rucksack, but then I had an hour to kill before the Trust place opened and during that hour I just felt like I'd slammed into a brick wall - So no trip out because I just couldn't force myself back out of the house - instead I just lay (literally flat on my back) watching TV and occasionally nodding off.
Sunday we went to the housing development and were there for a slightly ridiculous 2 hours while they walked us around the site then talked us through the plans etc. I felt slightly unwell on the drive over - kind of like motion sickness, which I blamed on my snacking on cheese before we headed out. I was fine while we were there, fine driving home & getting lunch, but an hour later I had a headache which rapidly developed into an ice-pick in the skull migraine complete with running to the loo to throw up - violently. I actually have sore stomach muscles and an aching back today, it was how I imagine projectile vomiting to feel. And that was the end of my Sunday - I lay down around 3:15 and basically stayed in bed until 5 this morning trying not to move too much. I felt great by comparison this morning, but after eating a couple of rashers of bacon for breakfast the nausea came back, so although I felt I had to go into work I was definitely not 100%. Urk. And Blech. An hour in I was throwing up again, even though there was hardly anything left to bring up. And then again an couple of hours later - I'd been drinking tea, and clearly my stomach felt that was a bad idea. After that I gave up on the proper migraine meds I’d been taking – the headache was gone - and switched to my favourite stomach settling meds - an ancient sachet of Resolve Extra which settled my stomach for the rest of the working day. I then had another sachet when I got home and had some food at dinner which is so far staying down – I just hope it doesn’t re-emerge when the Resolve wears off again in the middle of the night!

I hardly need tell you I didn’t walk at lunch time, and didn’t walk or train after work either…

Food today:
Breakfast: cold bacon
Lunch: cashew nuts
Dinner: Pioneer Woman's herb encrusted pork tenderloin with fig preserves (should have been dinner yesterday if I hadn't been dying at the time)

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