Thursday, 18 July 2013

I slept!

Not three weeks worth, but definitely a full night... I had a pedestal fan about 3 inches from my back, every window open, and ear plugs to avoid the morning chorus... Whatever it takes!
Still no real lunchtime walk - I set out, but it was so hot I only made it about half a mile - in total, round trip. I'm so ready for this heat wave to break...
M spent today negotiating with a possible buyer for our house. The offer was lower than we wanted but not terrible so we accepted it - now to get through the process without everything falling apart!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled egg
Lunch: lamb & salad
Dinner: Italian sausage sauteed with peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms, simmered in passata and served with shirataki noodles
Snacks: pork rinds, pistachio nuts, pink champagne to celebrate the probably/maybe house sale

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic to hear that you got some sleep! I've had to go out and buy a fan too - no actual sleep as yet, but it does make things a bit more comfortable...I've had more than enough of this heatwave too.

    Good news regarding the house too - I hope everything goes smoothly for you :)