Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back again

Ok, so my carb holiday (holiday with carbs, not from carbs) is now over. I enjoyed eating foods I haven't been eating... I really didn't enjoy the after-effects, and I'm glad to get back to normal today. Since Friday, in varying quantities, I've eaten: bread, (not even gluten free) chocolate, potatoes, pastry, brown rice, lentils, ice-cream and sugar. And drank beer. It was a treat to eat them but if I could have unzipped my stomach and emptied them out pre-digestion I would have - especially Saturday evening, when I felt like I'd swallowed a cannon ball and was not looking forward to Sunday's 7 mile charity walk one bit. I also walked about 6 miles Saturday, 10 Sunday, and 5 or 6 Monday.
The scales told me I'd gained 5 lbs this morning - I can believe one, maybe even two - the rest's constipation and water retention due to filling my glycogen stores so I'm trying not to feel too bad about it. I also kind of intermittently fasted a couple of times, missing or dramatically cutting dinners because of big lunches.
So, Saturday we all went into Reading for lunch. We ate at one of our favourite restaurants, the London Street Brasserie

IMAG1135 IMAG1136 IMAG1137

Then walked around town a little - it was roasting hot so didn't last long before we headed home. The train on both legs was supposed to be air conditioned but actually it seemed like the heating was on, and the windows wouldn't open so that was really pleasant. On getting home I and the two S's - my father in law and brother - went for a walk in a local nature reserve. The plan was to stop for a drink at a pub nearby, but that one was shut for some reason so we had to go on unrefreshed to another one. We did go momentarily Primal though, wading through a ford and then walking barefoot (ouch!) On the road till we found a patch of grass to dry our feet on. We then found an open pub and stopped for a drink before heading home.

On Sunday myself and the 2 S's caught the train into London about 9:25. Registration started at 10 and last year we got there at 10 then sat around bored until the walk started at 11:30 so this time we gave ourselves 2 hours to get there for the start of the walk - and actually got there slightly after the start due to reduced tube services. The walk was great this year. We were slightly slower than last year (its easier to walk fast in pouring rain like last year than baking heat like this year) but we did the 7 miles in under 2.5 miles with lots of good conversation and the occasional photo stop

IMAG1145 IMAG1151 IMAG1153

Then we went to Wetherspoons and pigged out on burgers (i didn't eat the bun), chips, onion rings and other unhealthy crap. We also had 99 ice-creams before heading back, walking further than planned because the Circle line was suspended due to signal problems. Another roasting journey home, and I was ready to collapse. I did eat a little ham for dinner at midnight but that was all.

Monday M & I had reservations at Petrus courtesy of his brother. The S's came to the station with us and headed in the other direction. Our journey into London was pleasantly cool and I thought we'd broken the trend at last. In London we walked to the restaurant in Knightsbridge, through Hyde Park. It was hot but not unbearable, should have been just under 2 miles but due to me getting us lost was more like 2.5-3 miles.

IMAG1168 IMAG1169

Lunch was a 5 course tasting menu and it was amazing!

Watercress mousse with salmon tartar


Followed by asparagus veloute with confit duck & a soft boiled duck egg


Then rump of lamb with crispy breast of lamb, roast potato cubes, green beans, puy lentils and thyme jus


A vanilla cheesecake with raspberry sorbet


And a hazelnut frangelico parfait with a heavenly chocolate ganache


Plus petit fours (not photographed) and a small cheese board (ditto)

Needless to say I did not need dinner after that lot! We walked back to the station (going a long way round again, whoops!) and roasted to death on the train home and after all that really did collapse.

At lunchtime today I walked a sweltering 2.15 miles and after work... did nothing else

Food today (much more restrained....)
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: cold deli turkey & salad
Dinner: big hunk of cheddar with celery, cucumber and tomatoes
Snacks: cashew nuts and beef jerky

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