Saturday, 8 June 2013


I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it….

When I got up this morning my legs were quite stiff from the climber yesterday - I deliberately included a few short 'sprints' just to make things more interesting. By the time I finished showering they'd loosened up a bit, but tightened up again every time I sat still for too long. Good enough reason to get up and move around every hour or so... I didn’t walk far at lunchtime because the weather forecast was completely wrong – it should have been warm with some sunshine and that’s what I was dressed for- unfortunately it was quite cold. Then mid afternoon the estate agents got in touch asking us to do a viewing at 7:15 this evening, so I started housework as soon as I got home then couldn’t be bothered to train afterwards, though I had time. My exercise consisted of 1.5 miles walking and a bit of housework.

Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs and 2 rashers of dry cured bacon chopped up to make egg & bacon salad with some Caesar salad dressing - very tasty eaten mostly with a fork, some of it on a few cucumber slices.

Lunch: salmon fillet prepared according to the Hairy Bikers chilli & ginger salmon recipe and cooked on the barbecue the other weekend and some cold meat

Dinner: cold meat and cheese. And San Miguel beer…

Snacks: mini chicken drumstick roasted with Frank's hot wing sauce (not enough sauce, I was finishing off a bottle, the drumstick was sadly bland); nuts

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