Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Trying to run…

The weather was less appealing this morning than I hoped for, cool and overcast rather than summery, but dry, and it warmed up through the morning enough to let me go out at lunchtime anyway. I had to go to the post office at lunchtime since I'd sold a game on Amazon marketplace and needed to despatch it. Usually that wouldn't have left time for a proper walk, but because I stayed on yesterday I could take a longer lunch today and still work my full hours (well, 4 days worth). It was pretty warm though, so instead of getting sweaty pushing myself to cover the most distance in the time I had I ambled along and only walked just over 2 miles.
It was lovely! After work M was using the climber so I went out instead. I changed into training gear and instead of just walking I tried to alternate walking and (slow) jogging. It didn’t go brilliantly – my knee hurt every step, and I’d made the mistake of wearing 2 sports bras – I didn’t bounce, but it restricted my breathing a bit. I lasted last than a mile – but it’s a starting point anyway.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and a little Fage Greek yoghurt with pumpkin seeds
Lunch: Lyn's favourite meatloaf-meatballs with tzatziki sauce
Dinner: cheese-jalapeno omelette and salad

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