Monday, 10 June 2013

The spirit was willing…

A mixed weekend for me this weekend. On Saturday out of the blue I basically lost the will to live, let alone diet or exercise. M suggested going out for lunch, and that cheered me up for a while, but I was having (completely unrelated) digestive issues that were worsened by a rather large meal, so I spent the afternoon in total inactivity, not even watching tv but just settling for lying on the bed reading and periodically hurrying to the bathroom. Lovely!!!

I didn't eat Saturday evening and by Sunday morning whatever triggered the issues of Saturday had clearly left my body, so bright and early Sunday I set off to walk to Henley - but rather than my usual walk, which is about 5 miles, I went a more roundabout route that forced me to start by walking in the opposite direction so that I could cross the Thames and then walk along the river. I thought that route was about 6 - 8 miles, so rather than go the most direct indirect route I decided to walk along a quieter path with less traffic to get to the Thames. Well, I'd walked over 5.5 miles by the time I reached the river - and by the time I dragged myself into Henley I'd walked 12 miles, and had blistered, tired feet... Needless to say, I did not walk home again (though earlier I'd considered it) but caught the train home, grabbed some lunch as soon as I walked through the door, then collapsed in front of the TV for the rest of the afternoon.

Last night I was knackered early and went to bed at silly o-clock, but then tossed and turned half the night. I woke for the last time about 4:20 and did NOT want to get up at all...

At lunchtime today I didn't go far to rest my feet - just popped into town to pick up some pork scratchings for a snack. The weather wasn't very inspiring anyway, so I didn't feel deprived - grey, cool...

After work I changed into workout clothes and headed for the climber. I got on the climber, turned on the TV, and started climbing…  2 minutes in my legs felt like lead… some time later they started shouting at me… finally (finally implies a long time, but sometimes 6 minutes feels long ;-)) I gave up and decided to call today a rest day

Food today:
Breakfast - one hard boiled egg and half an avocado diced in Caesar dressing, served on lettuce leaves & a couple of bacon rashers plus some nuts
Lunch - chicken adobo leftovers
Dinner - oxtail stew with sauteed asparagus and green beans
Snacks - pork scratchings

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