Thursday, 13 June 2013

Still fed up...

And another lousy day today. Flaming June my (big fat) ass!
I don't want to spend all my time every post moaning about the weather but. I probably will. It is so frustrating right now, if I didn't have the climber as an alternative form of exercise I don't know what I'd do. Probably try (and fail) to enjoy working out with kettle bells, then flop on the sofa till the skies finally clear... I did try to go out at lunchtime today, planning on a 2 mile round trip to Sainsburys. Unfortunately literally as soon as I cleared the shelter of the office a big rain drop splatted on my cheek and I was lightly drizzled on all the way to the much smaller and closer co-op that I used instead. It didn't turn out to be more than a light drizzle while I was out but a persistent cold wind kept hinting that it might! And it did, after I retreated to the (relative) comfort of the office, so I was pleased not to have gone too far afield.

Yesterday I threw away a few bits of chopped nuts and decided not to buy more for a while. In the evening I wanted to attack M's peanut butter - but resorted to an early night watching tv in bed so that getting some just seemed like too much effort. I'm not remotely thinking about giving the low carb thing up as I still feel much more in control this way, but I'd be lying if I denied that I've been having more carb-related yearnings lately - they haven't reached the height(?) depth(?) LEVEL of cravings so far but thoughts keep popping into my mind and I can only assume I've allowed a little too many carbs to creep back in, setting my body back into carb-mode. I think the nuts are the most likely culprit, hence the decision to go temporarily cold turkey. If in the next week I mention snacking or breakfasting on nuts, please send me a virtual slap on the wrist...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon
Lunch: salad with corned beef (British style not American) and a small amount of leftover feta cheese I wanted to use up before it was too late.
Dinner: curried chicken livers with steamed cabbage
Snacks: Babybel cheese, pork scratchings and NO NUTS!!!

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