Friday, 28 June 2013

Not fair

Rain this morning so no walk before work - but I forgot to take a Nytol last night so I wasn't groggy this morning anyway.
I killed my recent sweet cravings with a tiny amount of Greek yoghurt - about a tablespoon and a half - and honey - a teaspoon at most - before I left the house. I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to so I guess my taste is changing despite my occasional slips on the sweet side.
Now a question - I'd value opinions on this. If you've been here before you probably remember how much I've loved baking the last few years. I haven't been interested for a while, but now I'm missing it much more. The question is, is it better to avoid giving into the urge, or will resisting just make me more and more resentful? I think my choices are 1) don't bake at all
2) bake only traditional stuff I shouldn't eat even ignoring the low carb thing because it contains gluten, with the intention of palming it off on my colleagues or
3) go the route of satisfying the urge by baking fairly paleo / primal stuff - lots of almond & coconut flour, not too much sugar - and risk tripping over one of my many overeating triggers (which observant readers would realise is also a risk in option 2, gluten intolerance notwithstanding)
Crap. I think I've answered my own question... Option 1 is clearly the safest option at least while I'm actively working towards weight loss. Unless I can think of something to bake that I personally don't like, and I'm not sure such a thing exists... Amazing the many good things in life you can lose if you're naturally a binge eating fatso with a desire to neither overeat or be fat...

I had the pleasure of yet another queue in the post office today. Selling on old games & movies is good but the post office here is tiny and not well staffed. Also my foot hurt as I walked there again - so even without the depressing drizzle there would have been no proper walk. And my back aches again, possibly because I was trying to walk with my left big toe curled down from my shoe. I must have looked drunk. Or possibly like a really large duck. Combined with my visiting plans for the weekend it looks like no training or proper walking till Sunday at the earliest. Sigh.

And some more moaning. This afternoon one of the guys in the office brought doughnuts in. I’d love to say I wasn’t tempted but I’m not going to lie to you lovely people. Some of them were coated in chocolate frosting, and I was tempted. Hey, its TTOM and I’m only human (as you pointed out Jess – thanks for the support). While I was battling temptation with all my strength (and winning!) this one guy in the office walked past my desk with 3 different doughnuts – 3!!! and he’s a pencil on legs, I could snap him with one hand behind my back. There’s no justice in the world… 

Food today:

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with strawberries, flaxseeds & desiccated coconut flakes
Lunch: salad with cold meat
Dinner: very mature cheddar (big lump) with tomatoes, cucumber & celery
Snacks: pork crunch and cashews

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