Tuesday, 25 June 2013

No nuts today

I  managed a bit of a walk at lunchtime today - less than I'd hoped for because I had to fit in a trip to the post office as well. There was actually some sun - and not too much wind for a change. After work I dragged myself to the climber, and did the full 40 minutes I'd planned. I've now started using the preprogrammed exercise programs on the machine, though I don't always manage to keep up with it the whole way. But today I did - and sweated like nobody's business!

It was a slightly higher carb (still officially low carb, just not ludicrously so) day and I did feel a bit better for it. So I'll try to keep up with the veggies more consistently from now on.

Someone at work brought in a chocolate cake to celebrate getting married. It was chocolate sponge (two layers sandwiched together with chocolate cream filling, topped with about an inch of chocolate icing and then covered with chocolate shavings... They might as well have melted a ton of chocolate and sugar together then supplied it with a hypodermic needle) No temptation whatsoever. I guess my craving/obsession switch is still stuck at the cashew nut setting.... Although since indulging at the weekend (moderately) the edge is off that too happily.

Food today:
Breakfast: chicken leek soup again - I made a large pot and have little room in the freezer so I have to use it up ASAP. Plus a slice or two of ham
Dinner: more chicken leek soup (only one portion left!) with added spinach and a side of roast asparagus
Snacks: tiny bit of peanut butter, pork scratchings, and (very naughty) medium Costa Coffee latte

No, I'm not trying to cover up a naughty lunch - I ate the pork scratchings at 11 and simply wasn't hungry until dinner time. Yes, that's what I said - I wasn't hungry and didn't eat anyway - almost like an intermittent fast (just a small one) and it just happened!

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