Monday, 17 June 2013

Its just another British summer…

Most of the weekend was pretty rubbish, so just a very quick recap on the high points - if they really qualify for that description.
On Saturday the weather started out looking good enough for a decent walk but I had some knee pains so I declared a rest day. Then in the late morning / afternoon it clouded over completely and eventually rained, which annoys me even when I'm not going out. However, before that happened I did have a high point - on the way to the supermarket first thing I'd spotted a sign advertising a farmer's market in Reading, so instead of walking in I caught the train and went to that, where I found several meat stalls, cheeses, and cheap local free range eggs. I enjoyed shopping there so I followed that with some slow paced ambling around town before catching the train with my shopping.
Yesterday the weather was lousy again. I did slowly walk a couple of miles and my knee felt fine so I went on the climber for 40 minutes, which also went fine (its very low impact on the knees). Apart from that nothing good happened.
This morning I woke up annoyingly early so I got up annoyingly early and was knackered all day. And hungry. And moody and frustrated. I did manage my 40 minutes on the climber after work, which cheered me up for a while. Working on getting it to be a habit… so far its a daily internal conversation about whether or not I’m going to train, but I hope soon I’ll start taking it for granted that I will because that’s what I do…  

Food today:
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and some Greek yoghurt
Lunch: feeling lazy, I bought a packaged salad to which I added some baked gammon from a joint I cooked at the weekend and a hard boiled egg.
Dinner : chicken breast marinated in Greek yoghurt and some Tandoori Masala I bought in Brick Lane last time my brother visited, with a tomato & cucumber salad and some asparagus
Snacks: beef jerky

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