Monday, 24 June 2013

I crumbled.

I ate cashew nuts on Friday afternoon.

And Saturday

And Sunday

On the other hand,I bought snack packs and ate them in much smaller quantities, so I don't feel as guilty as I could have. But even if they are allowed back into my eating choices, it will have to involve portion control through buying small bags, because when I get started I'm not measuring out a 'portion' I'm eating the bag...

The weekend sucked. 2 viewings on Saturday afternoon so no training or walking (not that the weather was walking friendly anyway), just housework and a hair cut in the morning.

Sunday I tried to go for a walk because of some pains that made me feel training might not be a great idea, and only managed 2 miles because the strong cold wind turned it from pleasure to endurance test (which I obviously failed).

I'm really depressed at the moment. For once I don't think its the weight battle, though I'm sure that its making things harder thanks to increased Cortisol or increased desire to comfort eat or something, but I barely have any inclination to walk or train at all at the moment. In case it's exacerbated by how very very low carb I've been getting some days I have boosted my carb intake a bit - for instance, buying and eating a big punnet of strawberries over the weekend. God knows how my mood will be if that causes a glycogen - water retention related weight uptick though...

I didn’t have the energy to train after work but I did walk two miles at lunchtime

Food today:

Breakfast: ok, I know its weird, but at the weekend I made some chicken, leek & cauliflower soup (I really fancied leek & potato soup but that was the closest I could manage while staying low carb) and I had a bowl for breakfast

Lunch: no longer weird - a bowl of chicken, leek & cauliflower soup, followed by Greek yoghurt

Dinner: Singapore noodles with shirataki noodles

Snacks: Beef jerky

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  1. You're being so hard on yourself! When I read the post title I was really worried, but you didn't binge! Just eating a few cashews should be fine, honestly - you're so very restricted already that to completely eliminate nuts as well doesn't seem that sustainable.

    From your meal plans even without training I'm surprised you haven't lost a lot of weight - I sympathise on that front (not that my meals are LOW low carb because being vegan that's just not possible, but I do try to limit them) but I just wanted to emphasise that from my perspective you're so disciplined and you've stuck with a really low amount of carbs longer than most people ever could.