Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Headache all gone…

Back to work today after pounding my migraine into submission all day yesterday. It was a beautiful day yesterday, totally wasted on me as my eyes were too light sensitive to go out apart from an essential trip to the pharmacy for more migraine pills, and in fact the curtains were closed to keep it out as much as possible. I ate a lot - always do when I have migraines, not sure why unless I'm hoping to make myself throw up because they rarely clear up until I do. Yesterday was the exception, possibly because I recognised it was a migraine sooner than usual and didn't waste any time before starting the migraleve (usually I wait for headaches to get better on their own before popping pills, which never works for migraines).
I ate more refined carbs yesterday - not till evening, but I had a protein flapjack. I do now feel back to normal in terms of not wanting that any more, but its taken 3 days since my first sample on Saturday to feel that way and I'm definitely still bloated from the water I'm retaining due to filling up my glycogen stores, so I feel fat and cumbersome and generally unimpressed with myself. I know I don't have to be perfect all the time (though that would be nice, while I'm supposed to be losing weight) but I also don't need to be setting myself back this much. I want to start recording my food on here again so that hopefully I won't eat food I'm embarrassed to post - not necessarily photos, but just owning up in some way. Starting today.
Breakfast: I've been missing having cereal for breakfast so I decided to fake it by putting some mixed nuts in a bowl and adding full fat milk. Due to their nutrient density its a ridiculously small looking portion, but delicious - and the crunch is just about spot on!
Lunch: a salmon fillet with pomegranate glaze. I bought a pack of these at Morrisons a few weeks ago and cooked them on a barbeque the bank holiday weekend to use them for lunches.
Dinner: burgers in lettuce wraps with salad including coleslaw. The burgers are low in carbs.
Snacks: I planned to make a low carb meatloaf last weekend - using the recipe from Escape from Obesity that I did once before. After mixing the meats and other ingredients I decided it was too hot for meatloaf so I used some of it to make a couple of burgers and the rest to make meatballs, which I cooked and then froze. I defrosted a few for my snacks today. Also pork scratchings.
On Saturday I walked about 7 miles wearing walking sandals, no socks- and got blisters on my feet.
On Sunday I only walked 2 miles (two short trips to Waitrose) but also did housework and spent 40 minutes on the climber. Obviously yesterday was a dead loss - one one mile walk to pick up my pills, which nearly exploded my head, and I thought about trying to get on the climber later in the day and felt sick just contemplating it - so nothing but moving from sofa to bed to kitchen to sofa...
Today I walked 3 miles at lunch time, along the canal in glorious sunshine, and then used the climber after work. I had to hang around an extra 20 minutes at work too – normally I would’ve said there wasn’t time to train, but today I couldn’t do that! I need to make that less of a novelty, more of a - well, habit I guess. Starting now for god's sake, enough of the procrastinating!!!
(I can feel the cynicism washing my way... Yes, I know how often I've said that,or something very like it.... I mean it, I do... But I meant it then too. What the hell happened to me? I used to be able to do this stuff so much better...)

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