Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Another grey, drizzly, unattractive day today, although it was at least a bit warmer. It helps motivate me to use the climber instead of walking, which may be a good thing for my overall (un)fitness if not for my general sanity. If this keeps up for the whole 'summer' I may wind up climbing the walls gibbering. At least at the moment I have Vitamin D supplements to take the edge off... I didn't bother going out at lunchtime at all, relying on the climber to get my blood pumping. Up to now I've just had it on a manual setting while getting some fitness back, but now I'm starting to feel like I'm almost ready to start the using the programs and pushing myself a bit harder with it. Today I didn’t risk it because I’d been having a weird pain in my right shoulder all day while sitting at my PC; interestingly enough it feels much better now and has done ever since I very reluctantly climbed onto the machine.

My boss told me today that he’s done the paperwork to get my contract extended. It has to be signed off higher up, but if I’m lucky I could be there till the end of October. Considering that the original contract was for a mere 6 weeks I can’t believe I could be there for over a year…and so far anyway I still quite like it there, despite hating IT work and Testing generally.

Food today:
Breakfast: nut 'cereal' with whole milk
Lunch: salad with hard boiled egg, bacon & avocado
Dinner: duck mini fillets fried with coconut oil & dried chilli flakes with a salad
Snacks: small amount of poached chicken breast, beef jerky, meatballs

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