Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Feeling more rested today thankfully. The weather isn't encouraging me to be active though - drizzle when I got up (and cold!), rain at lunchtime... I had to settle for using the climber after work, and had my lunch at my desk (which never quite feels like a break to me) I had a boring day at work, and would have really appreciated being able to break it up with a walk along the canal... But that was not to be, and what I want to know is, where's the hottest summer on record that we've been promised? Or was that just sarcasm on some meteorologist's part?

After work I made it onto the climber and lasted the full 40 minutes this time. It wasn’t the most energetic 40 minutes ever, but I was glad just to finish the session. Afterwards I was really tired – in a good way

Food today:
Breakfast - Greek yoghurt with defrosted summer fruits, nuts and ground flaxseed
Lunch - leftover Oxtail stew from yesterday's dinner, thinned with coconut milk to give more of a soup consistency
Dinner - chicken & artichoke skillet (recipe from 1001 low carb recipes book by Dana Carpender)
Snacks – far far far far far too many nuts…

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